SPRK+ STEAM Educational Robot

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  • LurnBot recommends this robot toy to age 5-11 yrs (Manufacturer: 5+ yrs) 
  • SPRK+ is a robot toy that is in the shape of scratch resistant and waterproof polycarbonate shell ball. This robot toy rolls around wherever you want it to go, controlled by devices such as iPhones or Android devices. You can program this robot toy with Lightning Lab app provided by Sphero for free.
  • Kids can learn how to code, solve a problem, work together and more with this ball. Most of all, kids will love to play with this robot toy.
  • Also, SPRK+ is selected by Apple! You can meet this at Apple Store.
  • Please find the summary of review by betanews here.



    • App-controlled robotic ball with a scratch resistant and waterproof polycarbonate shell.
    • Induction charger allowing up to 60 mins use of raw motor control up to 4mph.
    • Programmable sensors and LED lights.
    • Simple for beginners yet sophisticated enough for seasoned programmers, Lightning Lab app empowers anyone to program their robots.
    • Free iOS and Android compatible apps.




    What's included?

    • Sphero SPRK+
    • Inductive charger
    • User guide
    • Legal guide


    Programming software

    • Sphero Edu app: With this app, you can create, contribute and learn with SPRK+. The visual block-based building interface makes learning the basic principles of programming approachable and fun.


    Supported OS(s) & devices

    • iOS devices
    • Android phones and tablets
    • Amazon Fire devices



    • Inductive charging base
    • Accelerometer and Gyroscope
    • Freefall and collision detection - shock proof
    • Programmable sensors
    • Scratch resistant and water proof polycarbonate shell
    • LED lights
    • Low energy Bluetooth connection
    • Lightning Lab app for programmable learning
    • Raw motor control - up to 4mph
    • Up to 60 mins use



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