About us

"All the developed nations on earth will see job loss rates of up to 47% within the next 25 years"
- Oxford study

"Some people, who catch up with the wave, will be rich, will be more successful. But for those who fall behind, the future will be painful."
- Jack Ma, Alibaba founder


A global accounting firm fires its auditors in favor of computer algorithms. A logistics company replaces its truck drivers with autonomous vehicles. A retail chain lays off half of its global workforce due to growing online sales. It sounds scary, but it’s already happening, the large-scale disruption brought about by artificial intelligence. In the future, jobs will fall into two categories: those that can be replaced by machines, and those that can’t. The latter will depend entirely on our imagination, preparation, and ingenuity. As a father of two, I worry about the impact of AI on my kids' future, as every parent should. And I wonder how best to prepare them for the changing world to come. One thing is certain: Programming will be essential to our adaptation.
Programming allows kids to create new worlds and bring them to life, all the while sharpening their computational and critical thinking skills through logical reasoning, pattern recognition, and modeling simulations. But finding the appropriate programming tools is a challenge. Parents often sift through hundreds of programming and robotics kits, relying on guesswork to select one that is appropriate for their child. I ran a software company for over a decade and still found it nearly impossible to select a product that matches my kids' programming skill level. Even worse, programming kits can be very pricey and are quickly outgrown as children move on to more advanced levels. LurnBot’s mission is to solve these problems and get more children on the path to programming expertise! LurnBot provides the tools necessary for kids of all ages to learn programming while having fun, all for a great price. Don’t let your kids be left behind. LurnBot can help you prepare them for the changing world to come. We look forward to it.