How to use LurnBot


       Choose a programming kit                 
         LurnBot ships the kit directly to you on our dime                 
In 10 or 21 days, send it back on our dime!
New products are always being added!



Good to know                  


Q. When does the rental period begin and end?
The rental period will begin on the date your order is delivered and last for 10 or 21 calendar days as you select. When your return date falls on a holiday or weekend, you can return on the next business day without late fee. 


Q. How do I return a kit?
Place all disassembled parts in the product box. Then place the product box in the LurnBot box and seal the box with tape. Stick the prepaid return label on the box and drop it off at the post office. (Ensure that there are no other tracking labels attached to the box.)


Q. What should I do if there are missing or malfunctioning parts in the shipment I receive?
All kits will be closely inspected prior to shipping, but if there are any missing or malfunctioning parts, please contact customer service ( within three days of the shipment’s arrival. You can choose to return the kit or request a replacement part. If you want to return, we will refund your payment 100% once we receive the kit. If you choose to get a replacement part, we will send the replacement part as soon as possible and the rental period will not begin until the replacement part is received. When returning that product, please include the missing or malfunctioning parts (i.e., do not discard malfunctioning parts). Otherwise, we may charge the price for the part.


Q. What if I want to extend the rental period?
Please send an email to customer service ( with your account ID, order number and desired extension period. We will send you a separate invoice by email. The rental period is automatically extended upon payment of the new invoice. 


Q. Can the rental kits be purchased?
Please let us know by sending an email to customer service ( We will let you know the purchasing process.


Q. Do I have to pay a deposit?
No deposit required for most of the kits. (for some products, you may need to pay a deposit.). If the kit is returned late or not at all, an associated fee (late fee: $20/day, for up to 20 days) will be added to the payment method used for the rental.


Q. What happens if I lose or break parts?
No worries. There is no charge for normal wear and tear or for small, easily replaceable parts.
However, for major components (e.g., controllers), we charge a replacement fee. If the damage is the result of inappropriate usage, water damage, traumatic breakage (dropping, throwing, etc.), a fee equivalent to the retail price of the kit will be charged.



For more details, please check FAQs or email to us at