betanews review about Sphero SPRK+

Posted on February 14 2018

betanews review about Sphero SPRK+

Wayne Williams from betanews released a review about Sphero SPRK+. 


SPRK+ is good for kids who just want to play, not want to be overwhelmed by complicated programming learning. The robot can be driven using an app, and then - when the appeal of that wears off - programmed in a choice of ways.

SPRK+ includes a gyroscope, accelerometer, and programmable LED lights, with built-in freefall and collision detection, and all packaged inside a scratch resistant, waterproof shell.

Everything is controlled using the free Sphero Edu app, with which kids can create a program using blocks by perusing the action you want from the selection at the bottom. Categories include Movement, Lights & Sounds, Controls, Operators, Comparators, Sensors, Events, Variables, and Functions.

It’s a brilliant product. At its most basic, you can just drive it around, scaring your cats and entertaining your dogs, but when you want to do more - either making use of someone else’s programs or creating your own - it’s easy to do so.


You can rent SPRK+ for 3 weeks from

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