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  • LurnBot recommends this robot kit to age 9-12 yrs (Manufacturer: 8+ yrs)
  • STEAM Student Set from littleBits is a very nice electronics kit that will give your kids introduction into LED lighting, motors and the Internet of things. It is attractive, fairly well designed and a great learning device.
  • Kids can try out 8 fun challenges and find more from the app. Also, they can create their own invention.


Note on rentals

  • Once you rent this robot kit, don't forget to download invention log file from manufacturer's site. Manufacturer (littleBits) suggests its own Invention Cycle which is a roadmap for kids' invention journey (Create - Play - Remix - Share). Though going through the invention cycle exactly in order is not mandatory, it can be a good way to start invention.
  • Since littleBits provides rich materials to fully utilize this robot kit, we recommend you to look over littleBits website first before kids start to create.


  • The STEAM Student Set engages kids in STEM/STEAM learning through creating fun inventions.
  • Supports learners in grades 3-8 with 19 Bits and 45 accessories, a 72-page Student Invention Guide with 8 challenges and 10 companion lessons, plus a 100+ page online Teacher’s Guide and Invention Logs.
  • Integrates Art & Design into traditional STEM learning.
  • Works for classroom/makerspace/home instruction or self-directed learning.
  • This robot kit sets you up for 16+ hours of step-by-step STEM/STEAM teaching and links to NGSS & Common Core.

What's included?

  • 19 bits: button, buzzer, 2 DC motors, fan, fork, inverter, light sensor, long led, number, power, pulse, rib led, servo, slide dimmer, temperature sensor, U power, 2 wires 
  • 45 accessories: batter + cable, 3 mechanical arms, 4 motorMates, 2 mounting boards, 2 screwdrivers, 4 screws, servo hub, servo mount, 24 shoes, USB power adapter + cable, 2 wheels



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