Rokit Smart


Rental period


  • LurnBot recommends this robot kit to age 9-14 yrs (Manufacturer: 9+ yrs)
  • Rokit Smart is an amazing product. The tools included in the robot kit are high quality and you can build 11 different robots following easy video instructions on manufacture's website. Best of all, Rokit Smart is built with Arduino, one of the most widely used open-source environments for programming. This robot kit is a good start to learn programming and understand Arduino.


Note on rentals

  • It will take 1~2 hours to build a robot depending on the level of difficulty.
  • You need to have a Mac or PC to install associated programs such as Arduino IDE, Rokit Add-on, and USB driver.
  • Please check video instructions on Robolink website first. It will guide you how to set up.
  • Before you execute your programs, check board and port setting carefully to make sure that your program works properly.



  • Perfect for beginners learning robotics, electronics, and Arduino programming. This robot kit is perfect for learning stem and gives a head start in creative programming that will have a positive impact on all aspects of your kids' education!
  • Flexible robot kit: this robotics kit can be transformed into 11 different types of robots; line-following robot, rubber band gun robot, edge-detection robot, interactive game robot, and many more. You can be sure this kit will keep your kid engaged for hours at a time.
  • Proven STEM classroom robot kit: the rokit smart is the chosen robot kit of Robolink, a California-based robotics learning center. This programmable robot kit has proven to be an excellent addition to a home-school curriculum for hundreds of robolink students.
  • Simple robot assembly: the rokit smart's electronic circuits are kid-friendly with easy wiring and no soldering required. The kit is designed to be simple and safe so your kid can learn without any risk of getting hurt.
  • Rokit Smart includes a full set of tools for building real robots, including motors, circuit boards, and frame sets. You can find helpful tutorial videos that will help you start programming and building from Robolink website.

    What's included?

    Rokit Smart includes a full set of tools for building real robots, including industry standard components, motors, circuit boards, and frame sets.

    • Microcontroller Board
    • On-board Components
    • Remote
    • Battery box
    • Peg Boards
    • Metal frame set
    • USB downloader
    • USB cable
    • Wheels
    • Horn Adapters
    • 2 DC motors
    • Battery box
    • Various nuts and bolts
    • Various Standoffs
    • Nut driver and Screw driver

      Programming software

      • Arduino IDE 1.6.12


      Supported OS(s) & devices

      • Windows
      • Mac OSX 10.9 and above 



      • Questions & Answers

        (You can also email us at Ask a Question
        • Hi, I just got the kit and fully constructed but are having trouble with the sensors on the board. It seems not working. What shoud I do? Do I have to return?

          Hi Brewly,

          I am sorry to hear that it happened even though we had double-checked before shipping. We will ship you a new controller as soon as possible. Of course, the rental period will stop and restart after you get the new one. 

          I apologize for causing any inconvenience.

          LurnBot Team

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