Robotics Advanced Builder Set

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  • LurnBot recommends this robot kit to age 6-12 yrs (Manufacturer: 6+ yrs)
  • The Advanced Builder Set is not just for young kids. Even adult can enjoy learning with this robot kit which is compatible with Arduino.
  • The Advanced Builder Set is all manufactured and assembled by Kinematics GmbH, Germany, and has been recognized with numerous awards, amongst which the CeBIT innovating award and the iF product design award.
  • You can build a robot with this robot kit within 30 minutes. 


Note on rentals

  • Please be sure to use a separator included in a pouch to disassemble tightly combined parts.
  • If the Powerbrain freeze, then connects the Powerbrain (must be turned off) through the USB cable that is marked with a yellow flag to the charger and press the RESET button. The RESET button is a tiny hole on the adapter and you can use for example a straightened paper clip to press it. Then you can turn the Powerbrain on again.
  • More information on troubleshooting can be found here (refer to Arduino Special).



  • With the Advanced Builder Set, kids six years and up can build cool robotic animals, monsters, cars, and machines.
  • Take the Powerbrain, connect different motion modules like Twister or Pivot and add Cubies to give the robot its distinctive shape!
  • All pieces snap together easily, there is no need for soldering or complicated wiring and all that you have built will work. 
  • With the brick adapter, you can combine your robot with Lego or other building bricks you might already have at home.
  • This robot kit is programmable via Arduino and can be remotely controlled with your smartphone app.




What's included?

  • Powerbrain
  • Pivot
  • Twister
  • Motor
  • 2 Brick adapters
  • 40 Cubies
  • 6 Axels
  • 4 Wheels
  • Charging accessory
  • Separator
  • Manual

Programming software

  • The micro-controller in the Powerbrain is an Atmega32u4 so that you can program the Powerbrain through the Arduino platform.


Supported OS(s) & devices

  • Phone or tablet with Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth LE, BLE, Bluetooth Smart) required.
  • Android version 5.0 and above
  • iOS 7 and above (with the Core Bluetooth framework introduced in October 2011)
  • Please note that if you use a Google Nexus 7 (version 2013) you may experience problems connecting to the Powerbrain via Bluetooth.



  • Questions & Answers

    (You can also email us at Ask a Question
    • How many kinds of robots can I assemble with this product? And how long does it take to make one robot?

      The instruction manual shows five different robot models -Racer, Android L30, Roaster, Top dog, Donnergugi- can be built. However, since parts are similar to LEGO bricks, your imagination is the only limit.
      It takes less than 30 mins for an adult to build the most complicated robot, Racer.
      Hope this answer helps you.

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