Jimu Buzzbot/Muttbot Robotics Kit


Rental period


  • LurnBot recommends this robot kit to age 8-14 yrs (Manufacturer: 8+ yrs)
  • Jimu Robot kit is the robotic building system that anyone can easily BUILD into specific models or his/her own creations, PROGRAM and CODE to move with any smart device, and GET SMARTER with STEM skills that will help you in school and life. Jimu Robot kit engages kids with REAL ROBOTICS, utilizing real robotic servo motors and real robotic sensors for real robotic programming and coding. Easily build & code either the BuzzBot or MuttBot or use your imagination and create your own character!
  • App-based 3D building instructions with a 360-spin feature for fast, fun construction of pre-designed characters can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play.
  • The robot kit is so cute and the complex movements of 6 servo motors are amazingly natural.


Note on rentals

  • To start with construction, please download an app first. It will take around 1 hour to construct pre-designed robot following 3-D building instructions on the app.
  • To disassemble connectors, please use the separator included in the robot kit.



  • BUILD - Build your own DIY robot with 6 smooth motion robotic servos and 271 snap-together parts
  • PROGRAM - Use the free Jimu Robot App on Apple or Android smart devices to program and control your robot
  • SHARE - Share your designs and connect with other creators on the Jimu Robot Community available through the free Jimu Robot App
  • STEM - An incredible addition to any STEM learning curriculum, children can learn valuable skills with fun and engaging robots




What's included?

  • 6x Smooth motion robotic servo motors
  • 1x Main control box
  • 271x Snap-together parts and connectors
  • 1x Lithium-ion battery and power adapter
  • Recharging power adapter
  • Free Jimu Robot kit app
  • Quick start guide


Programming software

  • Blockly: Jimu Robot kit’s easy and familiar drag-and-drop method of coding allows you to create everything from the very simple to very complex sequences. Learn as you play and master coding!

jimu blocky

  • PRP (Pose, Record, Playback): Programming new actions in your robot has never been easier! With PRP system, simply hit the record button and move your robot into position for each step of the desired movement. Then stop recording and start again for the next step, until you have your completed action. Then name and save your new action to add to your collection of moves.

Jimu PRP 

Supported OS(s) & devices

  • Bluetooth compatibility: Bluetooth 4.0
  • iOS: iPhone 5 and above, iPad 3rd generation and above
  • Android: 4.1.x and above
  • Note: doesn't support Kindle Fire OS 


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