Makeblock Neuron Review

Posted on February 19 2018

Makeblock Neuron Review

When I visited San Antonio for ISTE last year, modular block kits were one of the top trends. In the market, littleBits was one of the top leading companies and other companies, such as Luxrobo and Makeblock, were just debuting their kits to the market. I had a chance to use Luxrobo Modi and Makeblock Neuron there and decided to add those items to LurnBot's rental list right away since those kits are quite easy to use, robust, and have a high degree of flexibility to realize kids' imagination.

Finally, LurnBot added Neuron right after its launch and is still waiting for Modi's launch in the US. 

Here is the Neuron review by Mark Hughes, which explains how Neuron works quite well.

Also, you can rent Neuron from here.