Anki Cozmo Review from TechRadar

Posted on December 01 2017

Anki Cozmo Review from TechRadar

Mark Chacksfield, who is Global Managing Editor at TechRadar, released a great review about Cozmo.

Here is his final verdict.

You will laugh, smile and fist-bump along to Cozmo and the 'bot will follow you every step of the way. Cozmo is an intelligent, fun toy that may look simple but its cute exterior hides a complex AI brain that you can tap into thanks to the updated and easy to use app. 

All of this fun does come at a price, though. At £199.99 (interestingly it's $180 in the US, but costs AU$319 in Australia) it is a costly machine. But this is one toy that's only going to get better with age - and if the latest app update is anything to go by, Anki will be making significant upgrades as and when it can. 

Although the box says from 8 years and up, Cozmo had this 30-something smiling time and time again - it's a connected toy that truly connects.


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