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  • LurnBot recommends to age 8+ yrs (Manufacturer: 8+ yrs)
  • Airblock is made up of 1 core master module, and 6 power modules. Connect them magnetically to quickly build an aircraft, a hovercraft or a variety of other DIY configurations! With Makeblock software, children can get started quickly. Whilst they play, they’ll learn block-based programming, the principles of aerodynamics, exercise logic and use their critical thinking skills.



  • Airblock is a drone/hovercraft robot for kids, which is a multi-form programmable toy and easily transform to vehicle and more.
  • Multi-form Robot including drone, hovercraft, vehicle, circus clown, dancing ball, revolving sushi, whirlwind wheelbarrow and more.
  • Kids are also encouraged to use their creativity and create more forms.
  • Convenient control using free download makeblock App (iOS/Android) through Bluetooth wireless connection. Connection works best within 8 meters. Also supported by the makeblock App, you can create your own command by simply draging and drawing.
  • No coding experience needed, easily assembled and safe structure
  • Proudly presented by Makeblock, a global leading brand in STEAM education solution that has integrated in 140+ countries.
  • Awards Winning Design: IF Design Excellence Award 2018, Red Dot Award 2017 Winner, Good Design Award 2017, K-DESIGN GRAND PRIZE 2017 and IDEA Finalist 2017.




What's included?

  • Main control module
  • Battery, charger and charging cable
  • 6 power modules
  • Hover craft base
  • 10 protective covers

    Programming software

    • Makeblock app


    Supported OS(s) & devices

    • iPhone4S/iPad 3, iOS 9.0 and above
    • Android 4.3 and above



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