Kano Computer Kit Complete

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  • LurnBot recommends to age 6 and up (Manufacturer: 6+ yrs). The parental help may be needed for ages 6 to 8.
  • Build your own playful, portable computer. Follow the story, plug the parts, see how it works. With simple steps learn to code art, games and music. Hack Minecraft, control animations with your voice. Browse the web, watch YouTube and more. Perfect for beginners. Backpack-friendly, create anywhere!

Note on rentals

  • This Kano kit is for age 6 and up, but the parental help may be needed for ages 6 to 8. You don't need to know the technology!
  • In some cases, the stickers may not be included in the rental kit.



  • Step-by-step build your own powerful laptop, a simple storybook shows you how. Look inside, plug the parts, bring it to life. Learn about HDMI, sound, pixels and processors.
  • All in one box. 10.1'" HD screen, Raspberry Pi 3, battery, DIY speaker, wireless keyboard, case and stand, memory, 3 USB ports, HDMI and power cables, sound sensor, stickers, Kano's operating system, apps, and exclusive coding challenges.
  • With playful projects and simple steps you'll learn to code art, music, apps, games and more. Don't just play Minecraft, hack it.
  • Browse the internet, use your favorite apps like YouTube, WhatsApp, Google Docs, Maps, Codecademy, Wikipedia and more.
  • For ages 6+. No technical knowledge required.

  • Even Ryan can build his own computer!
  •   You can find more videos from here.


What's included?

inside kano components

  1. Blocks x3
  2. Screen case
  3. HDMI cable
  4. SD card
  5. Raspberry Pi 3
  6. Sound sensor
  7. Power board
  8. Screen
  9. DIY speaker
  10. USB board
  11. Stickers (Sorry, in some cases, this may not come with the rent) 
  12. Storybook
  13. Keyboard
  14. Battery
  15. Power cables



  • Kano OS Lovelace 3.0



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